About Lightshade

Denver Marijuana DispensaryFor all your medical cannabis needs, Lightshade has 2 convenient Denver dispensaries! 

The Holly St. location features amenities that come unmatched!

Free Soda, popcorn and Starbucks coffee! Come see us at either location to check out our a full service range of marijuana products, from the highest end strains to more value buys. We have a huge range of hybrids, edibles, drinks, tinctures, prerolled joints, and waxes.

Some cannabis strains and deliveries are better suited for specific medical needs, like relaxation, mood elevation, appetite stimulation, sleep aid, calming nerves, pain reduction, and more. You can check out our marijuana menus for yourself for either Lightshade locations at Holly St at Park Hill Denver and North West Denver at Peoria & I70 locations. If there is something you like that is not on either menu then please come on in and our let our friendly and knowledgeable staff and bud-tenders help you out!

We empower our customers with the quality of life products they deserve with compassion, professionalism, and services beyond what people expect from the typical dispensary. Join the many people in and around Denver that trust Lightshade Labs with their medical cannabis needs. We love to provide you a friendly, unique, and welcoming environment for finding the highest quality medicine.